image for article:A man is thrown to the ground after being hit by a police car in Thornlie. (Supplied)ABC News

A police officer who was filmed on mobile phones driving into an 18-year-old man in Perth's south-east… More

Who is the woman whose name was given to the military operation that took down Baghdadi?

image for article:Kayla Mueller, aged 26, was taken hostage by Isis. (AFP: photo handout/Mueller family)ABC News

Kayla Mueller travelled to Syria to perform humanitarian work before kidnapped by Islamic State in 2013.… More

European Union agrees to grant United Kingdom three-month Brexit extension

image for article:Donald Tusk (left) has agreed to Boris Johnson's (right) request for an extension to the Brexit deadline. (AP: Don Emmert)ABC News

European Union chief Donald Tusk says the bloc agrees to delay Brexit until January 31, 2020.

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Opinion: Happy Monday! A four-day work week probably sounds good right now, but there's a catch

(Getty Images: Carlina Teteris)ABC News

Few people would turn their nose up at less time in the office, but if you are a woman less time at work might not mean more free time, writes Nicholas… More

Laura Christopher tried to sell her house but was offered less than she paid for it. (ABC News)ABC News

With the property market beginning to rebound from a downturn, borrowers with interest-only loans are being caught out as their mortgages reset — costing… More

Analysis: Boom, doom and gloom: The forces uniting Australia and the United States

Auction clearance rates are on the rise, even as the broader economy fails to fire. (ABC News: Michael Coggan)ABC News

As Australian households halt their spending, so too are businesses, with leaders concerned the economy will deteriorate in 2020, which paints a grim… More

Daisy the school dog is improving mental health in the classroom

Students Brax and Lilli say Daisy is a calming influence. (ABC Goulburn Murray: Allison Jess)ABC News

Daisy the school dog is the latest staff member at Melrose Primary School, helping students with her calming influence and improving attendance rates.

Opinion: I'm an addict and on the dole, but it's not drugs that keep me in this nightmare

Tara Schultz survived childhood abuse but continues to suffer mental health and drug dependence issues as an adult. (Supplied: Photographer Ethan Robson)ABC News

For so many people like me who survive on the dole, drug dependence disorders are not the cause of our problems — they are a symptom of it, writes Tara… More

Opinion: England is ruling the world with Australian coaches, so where are we going wrong?

England fans show their love for coach Eddie Jones — who is Australian. (AP: Eugene Hoshiko)ABC News

With England on the cusp of more global domination at a World Cup with an Aussie at the helm, the calls are out to bring these coaches home. But doing… More

Ivan Milat is dead. How many more murders remain unsolved?

Milat is serving seven life sentences for the murders of backpackers in the 1980s and 90s. (ABC News: Chan Park)ABC News

He signed his prison letters "Ivan the innocent", but there is evidence to suggest Australia's backpacker killer took secrets of more victims to the grave.


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